Stress at Christmas

Is the thought of Christmas stressing you out? 

Are you concerned about the expense? Do you worry about making all the preparations on time?
Do you wonder how you will get through it when you might be stuck with people you don’t necessarily get on with? Perhaps, what was once a happy occasion, is now full of sadness because a loved one is no longer there.
Maybe, the pressures that come from the approaching Christmas are increasing existing feeling of Anxiety or Depression.  If any of that resonates with you, you are not alone.
Christmas is supposed to elicit feelings of joy and happiness, a glowing feeling of love for fellow humans. It supposes to be a time to consolidate family ties, giving us that sense of belonging. However, this is an idealistic view of Christmas, that although it might be a reality for some people, is it far from the truth for many. Like with everything in life, Christmas is not binary, either only good or only bad. Between “excellent” and “terrible” there is a multitude of possibilities. Remember that happiness under pressure is not true happiness. You may need to put a front for the benefit of others, but you should never feel guilty for the way you feel. Whatever your experience is, is ok to acknowledge it, and remember that all feelings, bad and good, are transient.
Your feelings and experience of the run-up to Christmas, perhaps highlight your need to give yourself the gift or “self-care. A self-care that goes deeper and it is more nourishing than simple retail therapy.
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