Because more relaxed, happier, parents make their children happier too.

Parenting is the most rewarding, but challenging job that most people will ever encounter, yet we do not receive any training for it.
Unlike a new appliance, the child does not arrive with an instruction manual. While it has always been like that and our parents managed, things have changed. In a fast-changing world, new technology now has direct accesses to children’s minds bypassing parents’ control. Parenting is now more challenging than ever before. Therefore, understanding the basics of how the child’s mind grows and develops is important.

My aim is to provide information, help and support for all parents and carers of children from newborn to 18 years. So, if you:

  • Have concerns about your children’s behaviour, development, learning, or mental health.
  • Are in need of personal support, through counselling or hypnotherapy, to deal with the stresses and challenges of parenthood or any personal issue that might be affecting them. Because happy parents make for happy children and vice versa.
  • Or are in need of personal support, as a result of caring for children with special or complex needs.

I can help and support you through parent workshops; dealing with stress through counselling and hypnotherapy or 1:1 coaching.

We offer a FREE initial 30-minute call to discuss your individual requirements