Self-Care is a Necessity

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Do you think self-care is a luxury?

Too busy to take a needed break?

Too many things to do to allow yourself to stop for short rest?

Too many things or too many people depending on you?

Do you assure yourself that you will stop when everything is done?

When deep down you know that there always be something else to do.

Do you put your own care at the end of the list of priorities because you believe that taking time for your own self-care is a selfish act?

Sadly this is something that many people, who have come to be my clients believed. Being a hypnotherapist often clients come to me after they have tried other methods that have not quite worked. Many of them have neglected their self-care for very long periods of time, leading to anxiety, depression or burnout. This is the result of relentless stress.

The belief that self-care is selfish is not only untrue, but it is damaging. Why? Because when we are unwell, anxious, depressed etc., we are less effective and also our mood affects those around us. Mental stress and low mood isolate us from others making them less receptive to their needs. Negative emotions are as contagious as a cold virus. Stress and its consequences are passed on to family members or work colleagues.

The good news is that positive emotions are also infectious. Therefore looking after your own mental health contributes to the mental health of others, children in particular. Working with me, clients find a safe, confidential space to offload their concerns. They gain a calmer state of mind; learn methods of monitoring and controlling their own stress; reframe unresolved issues from their past; gain a broader perspective and start practising self-care. They do so, not because they are selfish, but because they understand that self-care is essential and an act of generosity to the people around them.


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